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Written on Dec 01 // Filled under: Austin

Nicholas (TheCreat1veOne on Flickr) came up with a really cool design idea for Austin’s debut album. It uses the old title, Junior Year. This will be changed, no one knows what the new name will be.

Had in mind a cover design idea for this album for a while now, glad to finally have it executed! With his to-be released debut album currently going under the title of Junior Year, I wanted the design to be very high school themed (hence the chalkboard equations in the background and the use of a ripped notebook paper for the logo).

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Written on Jul 18 // Filled under: Austin

EntertainmentWise released a review of Austin’s London show. Apparently they loved it, they called hims a superstar in the making! Here are some little bits from it:

He’s more Justin Timberlake than Justin Bieber

he’s more than just a one trick pony stripping back commanding the stage without the help of his slick backing dancers displaying some serious vocal talent!

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Written on May 23 // Filled under: Austin,Interviews

So for months now we’ve all known Austin’s Debut album would be called Junior Year, right? Well, wrong apparently. Even though it was published in a ton of magazine’s it looks like Austin’s management might have changed their minds. A lot has changed, it was supposed to be released late 2012, then Spring 2013.

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Written on Feb 21 // Filled under: Austin
Austin's song for U

Austin posted a new video today of him singing and playing piano. There are no effects, just raw acoustic sound.

At first I thought it might have been a cover of a song I had never heard, but after googling some of the lyrics it looks like this is an original!

I would have guessed something like, “You Baby” for the title, but Austin tweeted this with the video: ‘U :)’. Don’t know if that is him saying it is for ‘u’ the fans, or it might be called U too. So it looks like this could be a preview of the album Junior Year, what do you think?

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Written on Feb 03 // Filled under: Austin,Pictures
austin mahone junior year photo shoot

There are new photo shoot pictures of Austin in the gallery!

They are from his official shoot by his record label. They are mostly school themed because his album will be titled Junior Year. The pictures are either brand new, or better quality than the ones already in the photo album.

Click the picture to see the rest. Are there any photos you haven’t seen before?

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Written on Jan 18 // Filled under: Austin
Austin Mahone recording studio

Austin has been back in the studio, and he is really getting excited to share the new music! He reckons we will really like it, can’t say I disagree. I haven’t been let down yet.

Here are some of the tweets he has been posting about it:
I got great stuff for you to hear
Should I have waffles for breakfast?
#studio #happy

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Written on Jan 06 // Filled under: Austin,Pictures
Album cover photo shoot

This picture is from the Junior Year photoshoot.

Its a really cute picture where Austin looks like he is day dreaming. Click on the picture to see it in full.

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Written on Jan 01 // Filled under: Austin,Pictures
Austin Mahone official photo shoot

There are 3 more photos in the gallery from Austin’s official Junior Year photo shoot!

Right now this is the only place online that you can get all these pics! There are ten photos from the shoot so far.

If you have any pictures that we are missing please help us out! The aim of this site is to have all the stuff mahomies want in one place

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Written on Dec 16 // Filled under: Austin
Austin Mahone Junior Year Release Date

It was published in Twist Magazine a couple of months ago that Austin would be releasing his first album. We all knew that, but the new details were that it would be called Junior Year, and it would release this year.

They said it would come out on December 18th. I didn’t pst this until I saw the magazine for myself and figured they’d have their facts straight. Well they didn’t.

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Written on Dec 06 // Filled under: Austin,Pictures
Austin Mahone Junior Year photo shoot album cover

There are a few more photos from Austin’s Junior Year photo shoot in the gallery. They are possibly from different days/shoots but since they are all to promote the album they are getting put in together. Unless I get enough photos that each session should have its own album. Not that would be awesome!

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Written on Nov 12 // Filled under: Austin

Austin revealed yesterday that he is working with Red One (yeah the producer Lady Gaga sings about in Just Dance).

SHOUTOUT TO MY MAN! @RedOne_Official We’re making history bro.

He also said he is getting really excited to show his fans his new music. Well I think we are all getting excited to hear it! Hurry up already!! lol

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Written on Nov 06 // Filled under: Austin
Austin Mahone's dream girl

There is a rumour going around that Austin has named his album! Apparently the album title was mentioned in a magazine, so if you can confirm this please do!

So do you want to know it? Really? You Do??

The rumour is, it’s called “Junior Year”!

What do you think of the title? We should know soon if it’s true since the album is being released on December 18th! Have you seen this in a magazine?

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