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This video is Austin’s AndPop interview. He talks about the song that Justin Bieber wrote for him, he confirmed that it is not a collab, and tried to explain its sound. He says it is kind of pop, but RnB. He gives a secret from his album, that he wrote and produced one of the songs himself. He didn’t say which one.

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Austin’s full Y100 Miami interview is right here! It is from last month, I don’t think I posted it before. He talks about his birthday, his presents, and the song Justin wrote for him:

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Austin has added another date to his tour! He will be performing in Paris (the one in France not Texas). The concert will be on the 25th of June and tickets go on sale on May 14th!

The place where he is performing only accommodates 700 people, so you will need to get tickets fast! Though I’m sure if it sells out quick they could add another date or change the venue.

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Awesomeness TV posted this video of Austin and Camila hanging out backstage. Watch this video where they pretty much play ping pong. Well, watch it if you want lol:

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Austin had a real long interview with Pop Crush:

We think it’s great that you teamed up with Allstate to promote safe driving. Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement with that?
Yeah, so I teamed up with the Allstate Foundation to basically inform teens why it’s important to drive safe. I feel I’m new on the road, so it’s important to do these three main things: The first one is buckle up, the second one is slow down, don’t speed, and the third one is don’t let your friends distract you in the car. If they’re trying to take a picture or turn the radio really loud, tell them to just knock it off because it’s important to drive safe. And if anyone has anything more they want to know about the foundation, they can go to, and you’ll find some more tips.
What is it about this cause that makes it so important to you?
It’s important to me because … I’m new on the road, and it’s actually the number one killer of teens in America. That’s pretty insane right there.
Taking this stance definitely puts you in a role model position. How does it feel to know that your actions are impacting so many lives?
It’s amazing to me to know that my actions are impacting a lot of lives because a lot of people look up to me as a role model, and I think that’s amazing. I want to do my part to be a good role model to people and show them the right things to do.
Your second EP, ‘The Secret,’ is coming out on May 27. Is there one song on the release that is the most personal to you?
I would pick … there is one song on there called ‘All I Ever Need’ that I wrote myself, so that’s pretty cool. I was in my bathroom, and I wrote it in there, and I just got the idea and I just started writing … I write a lot of my songs in the bathroom. It’s really strange, but whatever works, right?
Since the EP is called ‘The Secret,’ do you have a secret talent or hobby that fans would be surprised to know about?
A secret talent or hobby… Hmm … I weirdly collect shot glasses. [I have] about 200. I usually get them from each place that I go to. [My favorite] is probably the one from Texas.
Home state souvenir! Do you have any plans to release a full-length album in the near future?
Yeah, I’m trying to get one out by the end of this year, around November or so. But if not, I’ll have one by next year.
That’s awesome! Would you include any of the songs from your previous EPs on there, or would it be entirely new material?
Definitely all new material.
Have you started recording any of that yet?
Yeah, I’ve been recording ever since I announced my EP [‘The Secret’], so I’m always working on some music and new stuff. So, I’m gonna have a lot of cool songs that I’ve been working on to show everyone.
Speaking of recording new music, all of us at PopCrush are super excited about your collaboration with Justin Bieber. We know you’ve revealed some details about it already, but can you tell us a little more? Do you guys both sing on the track?
No, it’s not a [duet]. It’s a song that he had written and gave to me, so he was in the studio helping me record that. I’m not sure if it will come out yet, but if it does, it will probably come out by the end of the year or by next year.
What is the vibe of the song like? Is it like a ballad, or more upbeat …?
It’s not really a ballad; it’s kind of like a mid-tempo, R&B-pop type deal.
Can you share an anecdote from the recording session?
We basically just went in there and I recorded the song. [Justin] was in there helping me, giving me some studio tips and all that. It was a real chill vibe and it was a good time.
Did he give you any specific advice?
He was helping me out and giving me different tips on how to sing different words and how to warm up differently. Just stuff like that.
Do you have any other collaborations going on right now?
I have no other collaborations going on right now, but I’d love to collaborate with Drake. It’s definitely a dream, but I’m trying to make it happen as well, so hopefully some day I’ll get to do that.
Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, and you and your mom are super close. Do you have any special plans for the holiday? Any special memory that you can share?
I’ll probably take her to a nice dinner or something. Something nice. It’s so hard [to pick one favorite memory] — we have a lot of special memories because it was just me and her growing up. We did a lot of fun stuff together; we did a lot of traveling. I remember one year we went to Albuquerque, [New Mexico] for the hot air balloon festival there. It was cool! It was a lot of fun.
What can you tell us about your upcoming tour?
I have my own headlining tour starting in July, and I’ll have Alex Angelo, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes and the Vamps opening for me, so that will be really cool.
Fifth Harmony are known to be pranksters. Are you prepared for that?
Definitely! I have some pranks up my sleeve, but I can’t give away my tricks.

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Austin recently talked about his relationship problems in an interview. Here is what he said:

“It’s definitely difficult. My best friends live with me, and I get to see them every day, so we get to hang out and have fun and chill. Relationships are definitely difficult as well, but you just have to make things work and make it happen.”

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Pop Tarts are giving Mahomies the chance to get a free Austin Mahone concert at their school!!

Until July 31, fans can redeem codes on Pop-Tarts boxes for a chance to win a free, private Austin Mahone concert for their high school to celebrate Pop-Tarts’ 50th anniversary. Each code will enter you in the contest three times!
In this third annual Crazy Good Summer Concert Tour, Austin will return for the third time! The tour, produced by Live Nation, will be free and take place in three U.S. cities.
The lineups and locations will be announced two weeks before each show. Stay tuned, because only a limited number of tickets will be available for each city.

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Austin Live in Germany

Austin is coming back to Germany and is having 2 concerts! One in Berlin and one in Koln. The concert in Berlin is on June 27 and Koln is June 28. Mahomie High presale for both shows (regular and VIP tickets) are on May 8th at 5PM GMT.

Bonjour und guten Tag, Mahomies! Austin has announced 3 more European shows coming up in the end of June, and Mahomie High members will get a first shot at purchasing tickets!

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Austin Live in paris

Austin will be having a concert live in Paris on June 25th at Trabendo. Mahomie High presale for VIP tickets and regular tickets is on May 9th at 5pm GMT. Tickets go on sale to the general public on May 14th. (I haven’t been able to find prices and times for the concert yet, however it might be because the website isn’t in English.)

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Austin is going to be on the Today Show to promote the release of his first album on May 26th! To get details on tickets for the event, click the photo!

Are you going to be watching/going?

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International Business Times posted an article yesterday about Austin’s perfect girl.

The newest upcoming teen sensation Austin Mahone is ready to take the stage with his Bieber like singing style. Already skilled at making teenage girls swoon, the Texas-born heartthrob made girls all over the world go wild after he revealed what kind of perfect girl he would like to date in the future.

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Austin asked his fans to tweet about his 100 Things song on twitter, so that it would get played on MTV. HEre are three videos I found, if there are any others that you know of, link them in the comments:

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Austin talks about his trip to LA, and his iHeart Radio Award in this Ustream. Then he sings a new song for everybody Check out the whole chat here:

Video streaming by Ustream

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There is an offer on Mahomie Merch from May 2nd – 8th! You can get $5 off with this code: 5OFF30

This coupon code works when you spend over $30 at the store!

Click the photo to get to the store.

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These pictures were taken yesterday as Austin was arriving at the American Idol studios!

Click the picture to see the rest!

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