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what about love

After the last post ten mins before the announcement, in typical Austin fashion he kept building the tension:

This has to be the biggest day of my life!!!! I’ve worked so hard to get to this point
This wouldn’t mean anything to me if it wasn’t for all of you #Mahomiesgosohard
You guys mean so much to me I swear! I love all of you so much
Ok…Ahhhhhh Im so excited!! and nervous lol
Ok ready..

All of these seperate tweets were killing us. Everytime I saw a new tweet I was wondering if it was the announcement. I’m sure you guys were too. Its why we call him Austease sometimes read more

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Written on May 17 // Filled under: Austin

Austin has been hinting all day at his big announcement he is going to make:

Hey Everyone I will be making a HUGE Announcement today at 6pm Est…Get Ready!!
Wow Im just so excited to share this news with you guys!!!
Are you excited for the announcement??
I’m the happiest man alive right now
Ok Guys you ready?

There are only ten minutes left until we find out, so go check out Twitter if you aren’t already on there and read more

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We have almost made it! I know we can do it! Austin is in the final round of the Prom King Poll. He got past Chris Brown, Harry Styles, Jay McGuiness, Cody Simpson, James Maslow and Jaden Smith! He just has one final competitor…

Justin Bieber! The guy that helped inspire him to be where he is read more

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dont judge me

Austin’s latest video on Mobli is his cover of Chris Brown’s song Don’t Judge Me. Did you hear it yet?
read more

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radio interview

This is a really cool interview Austin did for Saturday Night Online Radio.

What was the coolest place he got to go to? (Spoiler: London) Find out why he loves it! Find out about one time when he was just getting known, how he went and got his guitar to sing for some fans. There are lots of read more

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I know I posted about Austin being on Big Time Rush. At the time, there was no information about which episode he was going to be on. Austin will be on the season finale with Nick Cannon, Karmin and Alexa Vega. Here is an article confirming it!

Rushers, take note! Big Time Rush will kick off season four of their self-titled Nickelodeon series tonight (May 2), and they have some big-time stars stopping by before season’s end.

MTV News can exclusively reveal that Nick Cannon, Karmin, Austin Mahone and Alexa Vega will all appear on the season finale, set to air later this season. Billed as the “Big Time Awards Show,” the episode revolves around the Tween Choice Awards, where the boy banders are nominated and booked to close the show.

But before the foursome can take the stage, they uncover an evil plot to brainwash everyone in the audience. So BTR have to take down the bad guys and make sure the show rolls on as scheduled.

Ahead of the finale, Big Time Rush will invite singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw to Thursday’s season four premiere, which finds the group trying to fend off the invasion of a British boy band. (Paging former tour mates One Direction!) And if that isn’t enough pressure, they hire a music manager to help them deal with some of the band’s interpersonal issues. In true “BTR” fashion, wackiness no doubt ensues.

“Big Time Rush” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon, and this season will follow the guys as they record their third album and prepare for a world tour in a changing pop-music landscape. In some cases, art really does imitate life: On June 11, BTR will drop their real-life third album, 24/seven, which includes their lead single, “Like Nobody’s Around,” as well as songs that will be featured on the show. Karmin will not only appear on the finale, but also on the release.

“The four of us have written most of the songs on the album and really focused on making music that everyone could listen to and enjoy,” Logan Henderson said of the album. “24/seven shows a level of growth and maturity while still keeping the fun carefree essence BTR started with.”

As if they didn’t already have enough on their schedules, they will also hit the road with Victoria Justice this summer on the Summer Break Tour. It all kicks off June 21 in L.A. and will make 38 stops all across the country before wrapping up August 11 in Milwaukee.

I wonder what role Austin will have in the finale! read more

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Austins new Music video

You may know that Austin filmed his music video for his new song yesterday! Austin really didn’t tell us anything about the music video at all or for what song it was. The picture was from the set, and the girl on the left of Austin is the lead girl!

Bebeh: shooting w. the incredibly talented @AustinMahone ♥ @carapaigesimons styling by @bebehinesinc hair + makeup @keemachang x @bellereese #austinmahone #wardrobstylist #setlife #beach

As of now, there hasn’t been a release date read more

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saturday night online

Well, he can speak a little Spanish anyway. He was learning a lot when he went to Mexico. You can see all of the different phrases Austin was practising, in this video by Awesomeness read more

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There is a mini album for pre-order on Best Buy! The release date is June 4th.

It looks like it may only be for Japanese Mahomies, and it is a bit expensive. $26.99 is the special Best Buy price, the list price is $31.98.

Though it doesn’t even have cover art yet so some details might read more

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Does Austin secretly want to be an architect? Mama Mahone hoped so. When a fan asked what Austin would be if he wasn’t famous, his mom hinted from off camera that he should say “Architect”.

Turns out Austin thinks that would be the most boring job ever! Find out the story behind that and lots read more

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Austin in M

Austin is in the June issue of M! I realized there wasn’t much of Austin in magazines this month, but this one has Austin in it a couple of times! There is a one page poster of Austin and an article about how he gets in trouble just like every single teenager does! He is also on the cover and there read more

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When Austin was in Mexico he stayed in the same hotel as the US President. Fans gathered outside, and were screaming so loud they were interrupting the Presidents press conference. Awesomeness TV just posted a video about it: read more

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cute austin mahone quotes

Austin has that habit of saying cute stuff. I think we’ve all noticed it. In the last few hours he has been on a roll:

You’re all I need. I’m so complete ❤ [to his mahomies]
The best kind of kiss is when you have to stop because you can’t help but smile.
You’re not just another fan to me! I’m sure we’ll meet someday :)

What are your favourite cute things that Austin read more

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paparazzi candid austin mahone

This is a paparazzi video of Austin taken after the RDMAs. The intro and outro are longer and louder than the video, which is quite annoying. But just in case you guys wanted to see, I thought I’d read more

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Radio Disney Music Awards

Austin got his first ever award at the RDMAs recently. Austin’s Aunt posted a video of it online.

I’ve written down some of his acceptance speech. There are gaps because the screaming gets too loud to hear what he is read more

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