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Austin Mahone revealed to Tiger Beat: ‘I’m always looking for a girlfriend! I don’t care if a girl is famous or not, but she has to have a nice smile and nice eyes. I’m mainly on Twitter, Instagram and Vine and the comments that stick out to me are the ones that say like, ‘I’m so proud of you,’ ‘Keep up the good work’ and ‘I love you so much.’ I love those.

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Austin's Radio Disney Interview

When Austin was in LA for his tour he stopped by Radio Disney! When he was there he answered some questions about his EP that fans had when they called in!

Brooke Taylor gets all the info on Austin Mahone’s new EP!

Click on the picture to watch the interview!

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Close Up interview with Austin

Universal Music Backstage uploaded their close up interview with Austin the other day. The questions aren’t in English (I think it’s German) but Austin’s responses are so you can figure out what some of the questions were. Click on the picture to watch! 

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MTV uploaded this video of Austin revealing his deepest darkest secrets.

First kisses and bad behaviour with America’s new Bieber…

Celebrating his new album ‘The Secret’, Austin Mahone reveals some pretty interesting facts about his life, including why he beat somebody up and which celebrity first got him hot under the collar.

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Austin plays MMM yeah or MMM nah

Sugar Scape posted an article and video of Austin doing an interview and playing a game when he was in the UK.

Oh, we bloody love it when Austin Mahone pops over to the UK. Not only do we get to stare at his fit face (which gets slightly more masculine with every visit), but we also get to sit down and have proper, serious discussions with him. And force-feed the fella scotch eggs in the name of journalism.

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Austin was in an episode of El Hormiguero 3.0 while he was in Madrid. Here are the videos:

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Austin was on Le Petit Journal! We have the video here, you get to see their exclusive footage of Austin’s trip to France. Look at how sweet he is during his meet and greet, it must have been tough to do the same thing over and over and still be so nice to everyone:

La minute pop du 27/06 – Point eau précieuse

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This interview is from MSN, they posted it online on Friday so it is pretty new. Check it out!

Don’t worry about all the Spanish, there are subtitles but they didn’t dub over Austin:

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This brand new interview has just been released. It was taped during Austin’s performance at Los 40 Principales:

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Austin did this interview while he was in Milan recently, it is nearly 15 minutes long! Unfortunately the air conditioning is kind of loud, but you can still hear him. In it he says he is going to put out another album soon!

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Austin recently revealed the 5 TV Shows that have him hooked! Are you into the same shows as Austin Mahone?

His favourite things to watch are Guy Code, Cops, Family Guy, The Walking Dead, and The Office (US).

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Austin Mahone Backstage at b96 summer bash

 B96 Chicago posted a video interviewing Austin backstage at their Summer Bash. Click to watch!

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Austin performed his song Mmm Yeah and did an interview for The View. The full video is here! The performance is great, he has come such a long way over the last few years with his live performance.

He then talks about his success and what he thinks helped make him big.

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In a recent interview Austin talked about his first ever job. He worked at a bowling alley and hated it:

Austin admitted that his first job wasn’t fun and he was glad to eventually leave it behind because it was “pretty dangerous” at times:

“I had a job setting up bowling pins. They would make kids go and set up the pins after they got knocked down. It was child slavery… It was horrible.”

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This interview is about Austin being number one in the Billboard Twitter chart. Her questions are kind of difficult and her voice is mad squeaky… but Austin is good:

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