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His mom hired someone to open his fan mail because he gets so much.
His likes playing NBA 2K12
His dad committed suicide when Austin was 2
His mom has been remarried twice since
His mom left her job as a loan officer in Autumn 2012 to manage Austin’s career
He is a virgin (Accurate May 2013) he is waiting for the right girl
Rocco [Austin’s manager] says Austin doesn’t really get nervous before shows
His debut album was delayed because all of the songs he recorded sounded completely different, he couldn’t pick a style
He hates the taste of alcohol
He turned up to a Seattle interview with an entourage of 9 people!
He has a security team for events (2 people)
He has four managers, and then a tour manager. Two travel with him, one is for deals, the other stays in Florida.
Austin likes a girl that can make him laugh, he really like a nice smile or nice eyes.
He was a sophomore in 2011
Austin used to have braces
Justin Bieber is his inspiration
He doesn’t pay attention to haters
He owns a red range rover facts
His favourite thing about his 15th birthday was getting messages and letters from fans
He has had his first kiss
He plays guitar, drums, and piano
He likes basketball
He and Dave put their jeans in the freezer and their cereal in the refrigerator
Dave, his bodyguard, is his best friend
He has an obsession with crazy socks, he has over 80 pairs
His socks have weird patterns like zebra print or pumpkins all over
He loves snapbacks and owns a ton of them
Austin wears a hat because he usually doesnt like how his hair looks
He thinks he can be obnoxious and annoying sometimes
He hates it when his phone dies
He always finds somewhere to sleep when he is travelling, like under chairs/tables/couches
His cologne’s are Gucci, Abercrombie and Hollister
He always looks out for his friends
He reads most of his tweets
His dream is to go on a world tour (said in 2012)
If he was going to a deserted island he would take his guitar
He likes adventurous girls
He would like to be at the beach with a girl for sunset
Beatrice Miller from X Factor said he is her celebrity crush
His Twitter got verified February 24th 2012
He would love to bring a girl to Italy
He calls pancakes “flat cakes”
If he had a pet monkey he would call it Bobo
Became friends with Alex Constancio because they both had Nike Shocks
The first time he heard himself on the radio he thought it was weird but good
Prefers boxers to briefs
His first kiss was underwater
Say Somethin’ was inspired by his life
He had to be home schooled when he started to get famous, his class kept taking pictures of him
Until he started youtube he wasnt very musical
He played drums when he was six
He started playing guitar at 14
Girls in his home town didn’t like him, they liked country boys
He hasn’t been on many dates
He would like to date a creative girl
He puts ketchup on everything
His lucky number is 74
His first girlfriend was in Kindergarten, her name was Emily
His jeans size is 28-30 or 28-32
He is terrible at math
When he got signed he bought his mom her dream car and he got a red range rover
He and his mom are really close, she helped him shoot his youtube videos
Thinks his UK fans are very energetic
He doesn’t really think he’s famous (Oct 2012)
He has a white cat called Romo
The most famous person he has met is Justin Bieber (Dec 2012)
The first record he bought was by George Strait a country artist
He is very superstitious
He was born at 10:14AM in San Antonio, Texas
He likes to cook (nothing fancier than mac and cheese)
He came up with the name ‘Mahomies’ in 2010 in his room
He loves talking to fans on Twitter
He is happy to teach his dance moves to anyone who asks
He likes posting online about milestones in his life, so he doesn’t forget anything
He can wiggle his ears
His shoes don’t smell (if you were wondering)
He thinks Rihanna is very pretty
He has a scar on his arm from where a friend pushed him into a wall.
He has a scar on his knuckle from carving wood
He keeps his wallet in his backpack
He takes 45 minutes to shower
He said the last person to see him naked was probably his mom when he was 3
When he makes his first million he would either get a $500,000 Lamborghini or a house
He believes in karma
He doesn’t always wear cologne
He couldn’t live without his phone
Prays before performances
He can’t do algebra
Biggest fear is losing his fans
He has never been in a fight with his best friend
He is shy the first time he meets anyone, it takes him a while to open up
He can bend his thumb back so it looks like its broken

If I could relive an event it’d be getting to perform in front of 70,000 people at the Houston Rodeo
My favorite word to say is crazy
I’ve always loved music and singing really gave me the chance to express my self
My favorite video game is NBA 2K12
My favorite comedy movie is The Other Guys
If I really like a girl I would tell her in person
I’ve been influcened by a number of artists including Chris Brown, Trey Songs and NeYo
My weird talent is BeatBoxing
My motto is take advantage of every opportunity because you only get one chance
My biggest dream is traveling and performing all of the World
If I could have a super power for a day it would be Shape Shifter
If I wasn’t an artist I would be a basketball player
I love my fans from the Earth to the Moon
My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough
My favorite Olympic sport is underwater basket weaving
My celebrity crush is Mila Kunis
I am excited as ever to open for @taylorswift13 RED tour! I cant wait!
My favorite fruit is watermelon
I prefer playing guitar
In my free time I like to play basketball and play with friends
My lock screen photo is @IAMQUEENLATIFAH
I would want to collaborate with @Drake
Im not a huge fan of books but I do like mysteries
A theme song for my life would be Eye of the Tiger
My favorite song is 4 years old because it has good lyrics and melody
My favorite place to travel is Europe
I would prefer hats
My favorite place to eat is Olive Garden
I’ve always dreamed of going overseas
My favorite superhero is Batman
My most prized possession is my family
The last movie I saw was The Call
No I dont have a girlfriend, I am single and ready to mingle
My favorite places to be are in the studio making music and on stage performing for all my fans
Favorite lucky charm is a cross that my grandma gave me
The thing I love most about my Mahomies is their love and dedication
It’s fun being famous because I love getting to live my dream and travel the World
The quote from my mom that I will always remember is to “always stay humble”
My favorite breakfast food is waffles
My advice to people wanting to get into the music scene is to work hard and never give up!
My favorite TV show is Family Guy
The best present anyone could give me for my birthday is a Lamborghini Aventador
I love pizza so much because it tastes so good! lol
I am wearing pink and green socks right now
His worst nightmare is losing his voice
If he had more time to himself he’d probably just listen to music
He would like to be a magician, he thinks girls might like magicians
A book that changed his life is the bible
Of anyone on Twitter, he was most excited when Taylor Swift followed him
If he could eat one food everyday for the rest of his life it would be pizza
His favourite item in his closet is a pair of Versace shoes
The first album he ever bought was by Rascal Flatts
Most of his free time is at night
Chicken noodle is his favourite soup
He prefers cookie dough to chocolate mint ice cream
If he had to be a cereal he would be Krave
If he had a daughter he would name her Bertha
His favourite Taylor Swift song is Enchanted
His shoes are size 11
He was a fussy eater when he was little
He was named after the place Austin, Texas.
His name was his mother and fathers idea, though his mam says she thought of it first
He would have been called Jordan if he was born a girl