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This page is a collection of things Austin has said about his ideal girl, and what kind of boyfriend he would be:

He likes an adventurous girl with a sense of humour and a nice smile.
He has said he would date a fan.
He most often says he likes a girl with nice eyes and a nice smile.
He thinks that every girl is beautiful because they are all unique.
His celebrity crush is Kendall Jenner.
He would like a girl to let him know if she likes him, just like his song “Say Somethin'”
He would like to date someone who is creative like him.
He would like a girl that can make him laugh.
In one interview he said he would like someone that is both adventurous and fun.
He wants a girl who understands him
Someone who like him for who he is and what he does
He likes Stefanie Scott from A.N.T. Farm on Disney
He likes girls who are happy and sweet
He wants someone who is loyal
It is important for her to be sincere
He wouldn’t like it if she was on her phone during a date
Having no manners is a turn off to him
Doesn’t mind what she wears as long as she is comfortable
He likes getting compliments
His favourite compliments are being told he has a good personality or that he’s fun to hang out with
He thinks relationships should have mutual respect
He wants someone who will be polite
He says he would pick brains over beauty
He likes it when the girl asks the guy out for a change

He said in a Ustream:
“a girl that has a sense of humour, very intelligent, I like intelligent girls. I just like a girl that’s cute and makes me laugh all the time. And uh… is really cool to hang out with and stuff. It doesn’t really matter to me what colour hair is on a girl.”