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Austin Mahone Bio
Born: April 4th 1996. (Thursday, Time: 10:14 am)
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’10 and 1/4″ [updated July 2013] (was 5’9″ in July 2012)
Weight: 143lbs [July 2013]
Show Size: 11 [US, July 2013]
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Austin Carter Mahone first started posting videos on YouTube with his friend Alex Constancio in June 2010. Music videos followed by January 2011, and he quickly began to build an online following. His grandfather gave him his first guitar and he taught himself how to play.

Up until he started posting cover on YouTube he says he was not very musical. Though he did learn the drums at 6, there was a gap where he wasn’t really interested. Then when people liked his singing he was really encouraged to get back into it.

He was popular with girls in his hometown. They were into the cowboy type of boy. Austin started listening to Drake and had more of a hip-hop RnB look. So while he had tons of admirers online, girls in his area didn’t notice him until he was getting really famous. He had to drop out of public school because his class were taking pictures of him and asking for autographs. Even though he missed his friends, he liked home school more.

Austin’s is from Texas but he lives in Florida now. His fans are called Mahomies (hence the name of the website). He considers all his fans as his family.

In September 2011, Mahone debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard Social 50 chart, the youngest to appear on the list. He rose to No. 28 on the list as of December 2. And as of May 2012, Mahone has over 780,000 Twitter followers and 350,000 YouTube subscribers.

His first single was called 11:11. On June 5, 2012 Austin Mahone released a second single called “Say Somethin’”. Mahone had an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on June 21st 2012 for the first time. He met Justin Bieber while he was there! In August 2012 he signed to Chase/Universal Republic.

His debut album was due to release in November 2012. Then it was updated to Spring 2013 (confirmed by his management). Though Austin was more specific and said he thought it would be March. At the time it was called, “Junior Year”.

Austin and his management have since decided to go in a different direction with his music. They decided he should be a modern version of 90’s pop. His album had to be completely redone. “What About Love” was the first song to be released from his debut album (June 2013). His album does not have a new title yet but is due to be released October 2013.

Song: One Less Lonely Girl
Superhero: Superman
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Color: Red
Second Best Color: Teal
Animal: Tiger
Candy: Hersheys Kisses
Singer: Justin Bieber
Basketball Team: San Antonio Spurs
Actor: Will Ferrell
Restaurant: Subway
Ice Cream: Bluebell
Christmas Song: Jingle Bells
Christmas Movie: Elf
T Swift Song: Fifteen
Drake Songs: “Doing it Wrong” and “Shot For Me”
Thing in his closet: Shoes
App: Temple Run