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Written on Feb 09 // Filled under: Austin

nickelodeonBop posted ten facts about Austin that they think mahomies will find surprising. Let me know if you knew them all already :P

He LOVES Whataburger! He says the restaurant is one of the things he misses most about Texas!

Drake is his biggest inspiration. He explained, “I just think he’s really good musically, he’s very lyrical.”

He owns over 150 pairs of shoes! He even has his very own sneaker collection.

He wears so many hats because he hates his hair and wants to cover it up!

He’s the one who started the word “Mahomies.” Apparently he used the term once and it just stuck!

Taylor Swift gives him advice! He said that while on tour, Taylor used to advise him to stay humble and remain the kid he was before he got famous. How’s that for a mentor?

He’s met the President! When Austin performed at the Easter Egg Roll last year, he got to meet Presient Obama himself. How cool!

The person he most wants to work with? Chris Brown!

His classmates thought his YouTube videos were stupid. Apparently, they never believed he would make it big time, but now they’re totally begging him to come back!

The road to fame hasn’t been easy for him! Austin says that he’s had to work super hard for all his success. Could have fooled us — he always makes it look so easy!

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