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Written on Jan 24 // Filled under: Austin,Interviews

The full lyrics to Mmm Yeah are up in the lyrics section of the site, get them here.

Also if you click here you can listen to Austin’s full interview from Z100 this morning! Here is the gist:

Austin will be at the Grammys this weekend. Austin promises to give Elvis Duran an interview there, he is very excited to see Jay Z and Beyonce’s performance. He feels really good about the new single and thinks that his songs keep getting better.

He got Pitbull on the song cos he works with the same managers, Pitbull is also located in Miami. He says again that his celeb crush is Rihanna, he is told he can’t handle her and he asks why not. It’s kinda funny. They ask Austin what Pitbull is in his phone, it’s “Mr.305″. Other celebs on his phone: Birdman, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo

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