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Austin’s live chat is starting now on the Teen Vogue twitter account:

We’re so excited to chat with @AustinMahone! Got your questions ready? #AskAustin

Get tweeting if you want your questions answered! Please ask what happened with Dave ;) Here are the Q’s and A’s

It was fun watching you record at #TheHitFactory in #Miami. What can we expect from your debut album?
It’s going to have so many amazing songs & collabs on it! I just want to get it perfect for my Mahomies.

It was so cool meeting your #bff @alexconstancio7 in the studio. What do you guys do for fun in Miami?
We play basketball! We also like to swim and hit the gym and go to the mall and go to south beach!

Fun! We hear you’re busy with @Flavorsplash—what can we expect from you both in the coming weeks?
We have a commercial premiering on the Grammys and I’m going to be able to make some new #flavorsplash flavors!

You have great style (Feb @Teenvogue is proof!). What’s your go-to outfit?
My go to outfit is some black jeans and black tee with some dope shoes!! Can’t go wrong with black #allblackeverything

In our Feb issue you said @TaylorSwift13 gave great advice on dating. What else did you learn from her on tour?
I learned that she can put on a 2hr show & still keep people interested! She’s so successful but is still so humble

Thanks, @AustinMahone! Now, let’s pick some questions to answer from the fans #AskAustin

what’s the best thing about having your bestfriend with you in miami?
well I have all 3 here now and it’s awesome!! So much better than by myself lol – AM

From this point I couldn’t find all the questions, just the answers Austin posted:
ah! @Pitbull is amazing!! Nicest guy and he has so much energy in the studio! He loves Miami!
I would keep everything the same because I believe everything happens for a reason. – AM
my #Mahomies are Gorgeous, Dedicated, Spontaneous
most embarassing was when I said what’s up to @DebbyRyan & when were done talking I was like see ya later man! MAN?!?
I have a crush on @Rihanna
I imagine myself on top, still making incredible music and traveling the world to share it with my #Mahomies!
love my nike pros because they are skin tight and then never roll up! – AM
my fave actress is @HaileeSteinfeld.
I’m constantly listening to ‘Take you down’ by Chris Brown.
I love a lot of tweets cuz I feel like I have a bunch of besties I’m talking to
if I could travel anywhere…I’d pick Greenland because nobody ever goes there!
my fave cartoon is Family Guy
of course I sing in the shower! doesn’t everyone lol
probably @Drake because he’s my favorite artist!
i’d change my name to Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramírez
[about mmm yeah] It’s fun and upbeat!! Pittbull kills his verse as always!!
Thanks #Mahomies!!

#AskAustin was trending #1 Worldwide during this chat, ‘mahomies’ was trending #9.

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