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Written on Jan 23 // Filled under: Austin

austinHe was asked by E! who his celeb crush is and he is no longer crushing on Kendall Jenner. He also explains why he was shirtless filming his new commercial:

“Why would I be shirtless in the commercial? That’s weird,” the pop singer told E! News. “The thing was I was going outside and they were like, ‘Listen, if you’re gonna eat, you should probably change because we don’t want you to get food on your clothes.’ And I didn’t feel like changing into anything so I just [gestures taking off shirt] and just got my food.”

Well, that’s a bummer. But fans can at least enjoy the shirtless pictures of Austin and his new commercial, which will air during the Grammy Awards this Sunday and feature his new song “Mmm Yeah.”

“I’m saying like, I see this girl, she’s walking down the street, and I’m just like, ‘Mmm. Yeah,’ ” Mahone explained of the song title.

Speaking of ladies that catch the singer’s attention, it’s no secret that Mahone had eyes for Kendall Jenner (who doesn’t?!), but it seems as though the teen heartthrob has moved on to someone else. Someone a little bit older, too.
When asked by E! News who his celeb crush is, Mahone told us that he’s been admiring Rihanna. Gasp! Why the sudden change? Well, it may have something to do with Kendall and Harry Styles spending time together.
E! News previously asked whether the news broke Mahone’s heart. He told us, “Nah, it isn’t broken. I was like, ‘Cool, whatever,'” and also shared what his dream date with Jenner would consist of.

“I think I’m gonna have to borrow Kanye’s private jet, fly her to Paris…and then have dinner on the tip-top of the—what do you call it—the Eiffel Tower!” the teen said. “Have dinner on top of there and then…fly home.”
Well, what about Rihanna, Austin?

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