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Written on Jan 14 // Filled under: Austin

This article is a few months old but I just saw it now. A lot of people have been asking me about Acacia on lately so it seemed like a good time to post it. Here is the BuzzTube article about these girls and Austin:

Pretty blond internet famous girl likes a musical artist. Pretty blond internet famous girl goes to a concert. Pretty blond internet famous girl gets attention from the musical artist causing an army of jealous fangirls to harass her. Army of fangirls create a fake story were the pretty blond internet famous girl bullies a fan causing even more hatred for the pretty blond internet famous girl. Sound familiar? Anastasia Karanikolaou aka Stas a girl who is most known for being Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s best friend is experiencing what I am going to call the Acacia Brinley effect.

Yesterday Austin Mahone had a concert in Orange County and it was quite the hot spot for internet famous teenagers. Sam Pottorff, Acacia Brinley, Connor Franta, Teala Dunn, Jordan Woods, Brogan Burnside, and Anastasia Karanikolaou were all in attendance. Everything was fine until Stas was called up on stage to be serenaded by Austin Mahone himself. The “mahomies” were outraged and within minutes the entire fandom was talking about how much they hate her. The fans hatred for Stas multiplied when a rumor that Stas made a fan cry started going around.

A girl tweeted that Stas threw a paper heart at her face, and being a fandom full of young gullible girls they all immediately believed the story. As dumb as all of this is I have to admit its quite amusing to me because this whole thing is so reminiscent to a lot of the Acacia Brinley drama that has happened.

I know it sucks when Austin gives attention to other girls. I know some of you are hurt that much that it feels like physical pain. And I know that when you feel that pain it makes you want to hurt the person you think caused it. But we need to be stronger than that, and better than that.

Mahomies will always be there for each other. We can’t lash out at people and give ourselves a bad name. Wouldn’t it be great to be the fandom that sets a good example?

I know its long, but it needed to be.

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