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Written on Dec 26 // Filled under: Austin,Interviews interviewed Austin on the 23rd of December at the Z100 Jingle Ball:

What are your holiday plans?
Yeah I’m definitely going back to Texas and to hang out with my family and I’m going to to eat a bunch of BBQ and hang out.

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions?
Sometimes. I would say my New Years’ resolution for this year would probably have to be to finally release my new album and I want it to be really good, so I’m excited.

What kind of sound can we expect?
From this album you can expect a lot of different sounds because I’ve worked with so many amazing different producers like Max Martin, RedOne, Sean Garrett and they all kind of have a different feel, so it’s going to be a mixture and I think it’s going to be really cool.

Tell me about “Banga! Banga!”
I did it with Sean Garrett, kind of like an urban type of song. It’s different and it’s a lot of fun.

Have you crossed paths with Blake Shelton because Blake and Miranda are a big couple in music. What do you like about them as a couple?
No I haven’t. I mean I can remember they’ve been together for a long time because I’ve grown up listening to country music. Good for them and I hope they have many happy years together.

When do you think your album is going to come out?
Probably around the spring time. I’m just trying to get everything perfect because I have so many amazing songs I want to choose wisely to put on my first album.

Do you ever have time for some romance?
Romance? I always have time for girls.

What do you think about Beyonce’s surprise album?
I think it’s different you know? It could be a game changer and people might be doing that from now on.

Would you ever do something like that?

What’s your favorite place in nature?
I would say I really really enjoyed Japan.

What did you see? One of the mountains?
I saw a lot of mountains. I saw weird pink trees that you don’t see in America.

What do you forget to pack when you’re traveling all over the place?
I actually don’t forget anything. I would literally review my suitcases like thirty times in a row.

Can you tell us about working with Sean Garrett?
He’s a super talented producer. He’s gotten so many hits and he’s super cool. A pleasure to work with.

Have you had the chance to go into the studio with Drake? I heard that you’ve been wanting to work with him.
I haven’t had the chance yet, but hopefully in 2014 I’ll get to do that.

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