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Written on Dec 23 // Filled under: Austin

worstEntertainment Weekly put Austin’s latest single Banga! Banga! in their top 5 Worst Singles of 2013. Other songs in the top five were

“Accidental Racist” -Brad Paisley fest LL Cool J
“Walks Like Rihanna” -The Wanted
“Chinese Food” -Alison Gold
“I Hit It First” -Ray J

Austin’s song came in at number five. So it was the best worst song at least. Here is what they said about it:

Mahone, a 17 year old YouTube phenom, opened for Taylor Swift on her summer tour. But this deeply irritating rap-flavored single shows he’s got plenty to learn about young women – even his “perfect ballerina” probably wouldn’t enjoy being thought of as a “trophy on my dash”.

I don’t think the song deserved to be slated like that, but I will admit the song is all about objectifying a girl. But its just meant to be a light hearted pop song.

Do you think they make a good point about not treating girls like objects, or do you think they are totally wrong? Comment!

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