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Written on Nov 09 // Filled under: Austin

grammyAustin made it into the 25 Crushable Guys Under 25! I guess we shouldn’t be shocked, right?

Austin came in at no. 5, not bad! Click here to see. But there’s something a bit more interesting about this list, Justin Bieber isn’t in it!

They said Justin wasn’t included because he isn’t and up and coming artist, and most of the news about him isn’t even music related anymore. They don’t seem too happy with his behaviour…

In fact, we’re kind of hoping he’s down-and-going, so we can replace him with Austin Mahone, who did make the list and is already waiting in the wings with his own fan base, the Mahomies, to pick up the crown of enthusiastic pop singer where Bieber dropped it ungratefully in the dust. May you wear it more proudly than Justin ever did.

Are you happy with Austin being at 5 and what do you think of them leaving Justin out?

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