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Written on Nov 06 // Filled under: Site

listen to banga banga b96 outside usIf you are not in the US then you probably can’t get the stream working to listen to Austin’s new single Banga Banga on B96. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed it yet, it is going to air at 7:30 EST.

There is a trick to make the site work outside the United States. You need Google Chrome to make this work. Then install the plugin ‘Hola‘.

Then when you go to the b96 site, click the Hola logo in the top right of your browser (it looks like a flamey smiley face). It will give you the option to change your country, pick the US flag. It will reload the page, and tah dah! It works.

If you have any trouble getting this to work, the plugin has all the troubleshooting info.

This is a Tutorial. Please don’t copy and paste it into your fan site without a link back to this site.

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