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Written on Jun 30 // Filled under: Austin

magikWe already told you months ago that Austin would be releasing a song with Becky G called ‘Magik’. Well now we can tell you that it seems like Austin will be singing the choruses. Becky G will probably be doing all of the verses. Pretty much the sung bits are what Austin will be doing.

The song will be on the Smurfs 2 soundtrack. Usually when they do this you don’t get to hear the song until the end credits. May not happen this time, but just don’t be disappointed if you have to wait the whole movie to hear it.

Finally, I’ve heard Austin singing the chorus. So it turns out Magik is a cover of Magic by B.O.B. So here is his chorus:

I got the magic in me
Every time I touch that track
It turns into gold
Everybody knows

I’ve got the magic in me
When I hit the flow the girls come
Snappin’ at me
Now everybody wants some presto

Magic, magic, magic
Magic, magic, magic
Magic, magic, magic
I got the magic in me

I presume the verses will be updated for Becky. Here is the original version of the song if you want to get learning the chorus:

*The finished version of the song could have a different arrangement than what this post says. I haven’t heard the finished song so I don’t know, but it’s a cover of this.
*EDIT: Accidentally said the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, changed it to Smurfs 2.

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