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Written on Apr 03 // Filled under: Austin,Pictures

Austin on Younow Yesterday Austin did a YouNow at 6pm est. You were able to win a Mahomie High Senior package from the YouNow. During the YouNow I found myself taking lots of snapshots of Austin, so I thought I would post them here.

Austin sang most of the time, the sound was kind of choppy at first which was very frustrating. By the end, it got a little bit better. Austin was asked to get his favorite piece of clothing, which is why he changed into a red hoodie in the middle of the YouNow for whoever didn’t watch and let us watch the pink sponge his cleaning lady uses. He gave us a tour of his bathroom and sang in the shower for us. Throughout he answered some questions, usually my sound wasn’t working well during this part so I didn’t really hear any of the questions. If you want to see the pictures from the YouNow click the picture of Austin wearing Dave’s glasses!

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