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Written on Apr 02 // Filled under: Austin

Every year Austin pulls some kind of April Fools joke on Mahomies. This year, he did two. With about 30 minutes left of the day he didn’t really have time to not post tweet after tweet, but we know he was busy living his normal teenage life today like meeting the president… right? Haha :P The first April fools joke Austin didn’t give us much time to freak out about.

@AustinMahone: I’m not single anymore.

@AustinMahone: Her name is…

@AustinMahone: Betty <3 lol

Austin added a picture of Betty White. If you remember about a year or two ago Austin would say his celebrity crush was Betty White. I expected that to be his 2013 April Fools Joke for the year. Until he tweeted again.


At this point I didn’t know if this was a joke or if I should be excited… So I attempted to stay calm

@AustinMahone: YOU GUYS READY ?!?!?!?!?

@AustinMahone: IT FEATURES DRIZZY!!!!!

@AustinMahone: APRIL FOOLS! hahaha someday I’ll have a song with drizzy tho

I have to admit I did get a little excited and fell for the joke. Did you believe Austin?


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