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Written on Jan 01 // Filled under: Austin

austin mahone datingTwitter blew up when a girl tweeted a picture of a text she claims to have gotten from Austin. This girl does seem to know a lot of teen celebs, and she lives in Florida. So as you can imagine some mahomies got upset. The text said, “Hey gorgeous”.

It was not necessary at all to post the text. It was a lil braggy. I’m not giving out her Twitter name. Partly because it wouldn’t be fair to set the mahomies on her. Also if it was done for attention (why else post it?) then I don’t think it deserves it. It was obvious this would hurt a lot of peoples feelings. I’m posting this for the mahomies that got worried. This is why you shouldn’t worry:

It easily could have been faked. It is not hard to text yourself with your moms phone after changing her contact name to ‘Austin Mahone’.

If you have seen her profile, she has a boyfriend. I’m going to presume Austin has morals and wouldn’t go after someone who is taken. So at the very least it is an old text.

I’m not posting to make a bigger deal out of this. I’m trying to reassure fans that got hurt by thoughtless actions. I think its best if we all drop it now. It may not have been, but it just looks like a cry for attention.

I would like to hear some other points of view on this? Do you guys agree or have any other ideas that I didn’t mention?

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