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Written on Nov 20 // Filled under: Austin

Someone leaked the phone number of Austin’s mom (A.K.A. Mama Mahone). A lot of Mahomies tweeted her to warn her that her phone was blowing up because of a hacker. This was her response:

@MicheleMahone: WOW. That was really CRAZY. Thank you to All the Mahomies who reached out to let me know what was going on! #MahomiesGotMyBack

Don’t know WHO leaked my and many others phone #’s. Don’t know whether to believe the “Hacked” story.

The story she is referring to is that @SamPottorff got hacked, and the hacked posted the number on his account not him. Either way, if you got the number, please delete it out of respect for Michele’s privacy. For some reason even though he has his account back he hasn’t deleted any of the leaked phone numbers. Alli Simpson, Peyton Rae, Alex Constancio, PSanders, and a couple of others’ phone numbers are still up on the account.

EDIT: I’ve been told the hacker may still have control of the account.

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